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How long does your repair service take?

The repairs themselves range from between 10 minutes for a battery replacement, 15 minutes for a screen replacement or approximately 1.5 hours for a rear glass replacement on an iPhone. Want to know about your repair? Just pop it as a question in the notes section of the checkout and we can include this in our reply. 

All of our appointments are location dependant. So sometimes we can fit you in the same day, other times it's a day or two wait. Our busiest times have seen us with up to a weeks wait time. However, we always do our best and add extra measurements to bring these wait times down. We know how stressful it can be to be without your smartphone or tablet.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Credit & Debit card payments, along with PayPal. This allows all transactions to remain safe and secure. No payment details are ever stored. 

What quality screens do you use?

We have three types of screen we use; genuine original (Service Packs), OEM or BAQ (Best Available Quality).

For all of our iPhone repairs we use OEM or BAQ. 

OEM simply means the same technology and resources used by Apple themselves, but they are put together in a factory that isn't contracted by Apple. 

This allows us to cherry pick, test and keep track of the best available screens on the market. Ensuring every single screen repair is of the highest possible quality, at the most reasonable price with the most convenient service. 

We only use BAQ where is becomes uneconomical to use OEM. As devices get older the market for repairs decreases and our suppliers slow down the manufacturing. For example an OEM screen for an iPhone 5 would make the repair price more than double what the phone itself is worth; that's no use to anyone! So we source the BAQ screens on the market; making sure each older device still gets the best possible care. 

For all of our Samsung screen repairs we use only Samsung Service Packs, which are 100% genuine and original. Unfortunately the market for poor copy Samsung screens is unpredictable and rife; we do not want any part in this. Using Genuine Samsung screens allows us to offer a 12 month warranty!

Which areas do you cover?

As a small family run business we try and cover a large of an area as possible. 

We cover most of Essex. 

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