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Are you having problems with your iPhone XS Max? Is the screen smashed? Does it not charge correctly? Is the battery life terrible? Just use the menu to select the repair you need. If you're not sure just select 'Other' and send us an enquiry. 

iPhone XS Max

VAT Included
  • All of our repairs come with a 6 month warranty. Please check our Terms & Conditions for full details. 

  • Is the back of your device damaged? Are you not sure if you need the rear glass replacement or the housing replacement? Let us explain!

    Rear Glass Replacement:

    This is ideal for anyone with an iPhone XS Max where the rear glass and only the glass is damaged. If your camera lens (the part that covers the cameras) is smashed or cracked to repair that you'll need the 'Housing Replacement' repair.


    Housing Replacement:

    This is a complete housing replacement, that includes the rear glass, frame and camera lens. With this repair the phone will look brand new again! 

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