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Screen Quality

Genuine Apple - This is a genine pulled Apple screen - swapping Apple for Apple.

Soft OLED - This is the best choice for your phone bringing it back to its original former glory.

LCD Incell - Our budget option. The iPhone 12 Pro originally hosts an OLED screen. However as technology has improved so has the options for a cheaper screen repair. The incell displays are a COF structure, meaning the best quality available with small bezels, high brightness, super smooth touch and original colour



Can we replace just the glass?

No. We replace the full OLED/LCD and glass as one unit.


My screen has no visible signs of damage but the touch isn't working, will this resolve that problem?

It will indeed. The digitizer is the part of the screen that controls the touch and sometimes after impact, or knocks over time this can be damaged without any visible damage. 

iPhone 12 Pro Screen Replacement

VAT Included
  • All of our repairs come with a 12 month warranty. Please check our Terms & Conditions for full details. 


    Please note: by changing the display on this model you will recieve a notification on your device that will read 'Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple display'. This notifcation will remain in your settings for the life of the phone. This is whether an LCD, Soft OLED OEM, or Genuine Apple screen is used for the repair. 

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